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November Music Nederland

t.a.v. Bert Palinckx

Boschdijkstraat 45

T. 31-73-6122000
F. 31-73-6138297



November Music is Holland's most relevant international festival for contemporary music. The festival, which lasts for a number of days, annually takes place in 's-Hertogenbosch ('s-Hertogenbosch). It cooperates closely with festivals in Flanders, Germany, the UK, and Italy.
November Music specifically focuses on its own productions, and lets itself be led by the choices of the composers / makers in question. As a result the programme covers every conceivable contemporary music genre. Particular attention is paid to young talent.
The international character is expressed in various ways:
1) The festival programme evolves based on an interchange of information and in collaboration between linked organisations.
2) Festival productions are presented in different countries. This means that:
a) the musicians/ensembles/composers have the opportunity to present their work internationally
b) the 'country or origin' is involved in exporting culture
c) the audience has the chance to get acquainted with a foreign musician/ensemble/composer
d) productions are given the chance to 'mature' as more performances are guaranteed.
3) In most cases, productions consist of different nationalities.
4) Every year, one or more musicians/composers/ensembles of 'major importance' are invited to collaborate on productions.

Contemporary music
November Music is convinced that 'quality' music is not restricted to one particular genre. Every style has its pioneers. November Music wants to present a festival that offers opportunities to the 'front runners' of each genre. And of course this leads to interaction between the various styles and genres.
November Music claims an important position within the Dutch and international musical infrastructure. There is a lively communication with the ensembles and composers of contemporary music in different countries. Based on these contacts, productions are initiated and commissions are assigned which are both adventurous and experimental.

In-house productions and composition assignments
November Music commissions composers to create. November Music creates the conditions wich enable musicians/ensembles/composers to work on (unpublished) new concepts. In addition to the 'front runners', November Music also invites young, talented composers and performers. Without any doubt, the productional facilities and tradition at November Music and the fact that compositions are commissioned means that for this category the festival makes it possible to further their careers in a major way.
The productions are set up after consulting with the musicians/ensembles/composers involved, who are expressly asked to step outside the boundaries of the frameworks that they normally operate in.
Therefore, the enriching musical experience works in both directions, which is special to the audience as well as to the musician/ensemble/composer in question.
Immediately after the festival period, November Music Productions may be booked by venues and festivals in other cities and countries.

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